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Winding Stairs

As a composer, it is very reassuring to know that the music I created can reach someone and leave a positive impression on them. To know that any member of the craft can close their eyes, listen to the music, and acknowledge it’s Masonic atmosphere.

It was my goal to write these pieces in such a way that brothers could listen to the music and imagine being back in the lodge going through their Masonic Degrees. By reliving their Masonic experience, they would be able to retrace their steps, look back on their journey through Freemasonry, and to remember in their own way what it is to be a Freemason.

The interview took place a few days before the 3rd anniversary of the albums release. I still cannot believe it’s been 3 years, as so much has happened since then... As I reflect on the album, it is wonderful to know it is well received from Masons and non-Masons alike. I feel very blessed and very grateful for the outcome of the album.

My original goal was to release 15 pieces in total. To date, I have only released 10. I have finished recording the remaining 5 pieces and will have more information on the release of them in the near future.

I would like to thank the brothers of Freemasonry, my Brothers of Hibiscus Lodge No.275, Brother Juan Sepulveda, Robert Byrne, my Father and Mother, and to the listeners.

Thank you

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