July 26, 2019

Good news! The online store is now open. Here you will find both digital and physical products. Be sure to subscribe for the latest updates on new releases as more products will be added in the near future (yes, that includes sheet music)

March 2, 2019

As a composer, it is very reassuring to know that the music I created can reach someone and leave a positive impression on them. To know that any member of the craft can close their eyes, listen to the music, and acknowledge it’s Masonic atmosphere.

It was my goal to write these pieces in such a way that brothers could listen to the music and imagine being b...

December 7, 2015


As I think back to the day I was to be initiated into the world of Freemasonry, I remember only the beautiful sky from my back room window. I can't recall what I had done the whole day, if I did anything, but I remember it was such a gorgeous day. The light from the sun shined so differently compared to any other day. I did not know what I would be experie...

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