Masonic Avant-garde

What is Masonic Avant-garde?

Masonic Avant-garde is a Piano Concerto composed by Joscar Poerschke specifically for The Three Masonic Degrees and a Masonic Lodge while at labor. It is purely piano compositions designed to be played in lodge alongside the degrees. An educational lecture has been created to further explain to Master Masons how these compositions were designed and how they fit into the Masonic degrees.

What is From Darkness to Light?

From Darkness To Light is a continuation of the Masonic Avant-garde Piano Concerto composed by Joscar Poerschke. It is a 5 Piece album containing the 2 remaining pieces of the Fellow Craft Degree and the remaining 3 pieces composed for the Masonic Rituals.

About the Composer

Joscar Poerschke was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in August of 2011 and created Masonic Avant-garde in 2012. Since then, through word of mouth, Joscar has traveled the state of Florida and the United States performing his Masonic music and giving his lecture. Joscar is a classically trained pianist with a background of music, acting, and the performing arts.

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